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We are Ascendant Innovations Corporation (AIC), a full-service engineering, communications, and design firm located in the Baltimore/DC metro area. A company full of over- achievers, we value our workforce and are committed to our clients. We bring together teams of creative and analytical thinkers and doers in a way that inspires true innovation.

We understand the “Ah-ha” moment. We understand the thrill of being on the ground floor of something spectacular. We also understand the frustrations that can come with seeing new ideas through to the end. At Ascendant, we enjoy supporting our clients as they transform a new idea into the next best thing. Our experienced team of engineers, designers, developers, and writers actively aid you to push the boundaries of innovation, pilot new concepts, coordinate efforts, and deliver new capabilities in-scope and on-time.

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Web App Development, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Network Engineering, Computer Programming, Sharepoint Development


Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Network Integration, Metrics & Analytics, Email Marketing, Online Newsletters, Website Hosting, Event Planning, Marketing Strategy, Corporate Branding, Logos, Style Guides, Copy Writing, Advertisements


Web Design/ Development, Responsive Web Design, Infographics, Presentations, A/V Support, A/V Equipment Rental, Brochures, Print Media, Photography

Project Management


Join The In-Crowd

Join The In-Crowd

We think that good company is surrounding yourself with the best to become even better. Therefore, we offer the best opportunities for career growth to help ensure your personal goals are achieved. AIC provides a top-notch benefits package and competitive compensation while supporting education advancement. We are currently hiring for these positions.

Software Engineer
We are currently looking for software developers who understand the software development lifecycle and are able to translate requirements into the technical strategy necessary to develop effective capabilities. Must have experience with software prototyping, architectural design, code development, unit and system level testing, code deployment and software sustainment. Proficiency with all or some of the following required: C, C++, SQL, Java, Shell (CSH, KSH, BASH), and XML running on Linux, Solaris, Windows NT, and UNIX
Network Engineer
Are you a Network Engineers with Cisco Certifications and/or training certificates in basic and advanced network design to include VoIP based systems? We need you to assist our team in building self-contained high-speed data networks for specialized GOTS and COTS applications that need to be deployed within existing site network architectures and frameworks.
Systems Engineer
Do you like the big picture? AIC System Engineers apply their expertise to every aspect of a project, from power/space/cooling efficiencies to system performance and mission effectiveness. You will work closely with clients, software engineers, systems administrators, network specialists, deployment logistics personnel, and site managers to ensure that the overall implementation will meet customer expectations.
Telecommunications Engineer
AIC Telecommunications Engineers are trained and certified by today’s leading telecommunications companies like Lucent, NORTEL, and RedCommon. We need trained professionals to provide system design, equipment installations, configurations and maintenance on a range of devices from small office PBX’s to Central Office Switches.
Systems Integration Engineer
Putting it all together and making it work is one of the most challenging jobs for today’s engineers. Are you up for the challenge? We need full-spectrum support in software engineering, network engineering, and system engineering, to identify problems and provide quick response solutions on everything from network architecture, performance enhancements, and software verification.
Project Manager
Your details have details. You tracked what you ate for lunch today in a spreadsheet. Basically, you keep everything and everyone on task and on pace, and we need you to provide detailed project planning, WBS budgeting, risk management strategies and techniques. Experience with Microsoft Project is required to provide customers with detailed reviews of project deliverables for accuracy, completeness, and adherence to contractual and functional requirements.
Web Developer
AIC is seeking a web developer that has extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and WordPress.
Graphic Designer
We are looking for designers who can tell stories through engaging imagery. Designers will use the latest tools in digital multimedia to apply graphic principles to products, websites, and emerging technologies. We desire creative and innovative thinkers who can work independently or on a team to brainstorm and offer graphic solutions to effectively meet client needs. Whether building a brand, a logo, a presentation, an infographic, a GUI, or a website from the ground up or offering a fresh solution to a tired product-line, we believe that your expertise is important–and your talent is valued. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!


BRAND: AIC, A Creative Partner

“If you build it, they will come.” That line may have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, but such advice can be misleading when it comes to design and development of software and applications. It may in fact be more like “If you build it, and test it, and keep building, and meet people, and keep building, and listen for feedback, and connect with leaders, and do this for hours each day, then they will come.” No one understands the realities of this process more than an entrepreneur, a programmer, and a designer. Recently, AIC partnered with

BRAND: Is Your Business Marketing Plan Modern Enough?

The purpose of client communication is to inform and engage new customers while maintaining a relationship with existing clientele that keeps them coming to your business. These methods of communication, branding, and visual representation are logos, websites, mass email, social media pages, printed marketing materials, and advertisements. Whether you are an owner of a small retail storefront, a restaurant, a service provider, a franchise, or a government entity, maintaining client relationships is key to keeping a profitable business with a strong reputation. Is your current marketing campaign the communications equivalent of orange shag carpet? To help you find out, we


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